Five Production tools for under $30.00

I found a very cool article at, Five Production tools for under $30.00

In reviewing the articles on, I found they can lean towards the prosumer user. But as a resource, they have tons of great free training tools and ideas, free downloadable production assets & software, and every month they do a great job of providing online articles for the new production professionals.

I have found Videomaker to be an invaluable source for their New Gear reviews, and Production Tools.

This months article gives you five low-cost production tools that you can purchase all together for less than 30.00, and they are items you may already have in your garage.

The article reminded me about how invaluable a C-47 can be. I have used C-47’s when I first started in this business, but forgot their usefulness. You are going to have to read the article to find out about this Old School production tool.

This business is capital-intensive enough to begin with, and if I can save a Buck, it is one more in my pocket.


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Stephen G. Rutledge

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