Traditional Broadcasters.. ” Is transitioning to Digital, Embracing New Media? “

Television Stations around the country have completed the much discussed “Digital Transition” , but having this forced on Broadcasters during our current fiscal crisis, has left broadcasters wondering how to monetize this capital investment..

They see the trends…They are losing eyeballs to ” New Media Space” , putting downward pressure on Ad rates.. and squeezing margins

But most if not all have approached this new environment as accountants.. not broadcasters.  ” If we can only reduce our overhead & Fixed Costs.. We can still make our margins” So they cutting staff, look to automation to replace labour, and to look at their “Workflow” in the context of Supply-chain management.

the problem with this “accountants” viewpoint is it is based in the old broadcasters business model of Pushing content to viewers with hope that they will want the Content, Time, Format , and Delivery  that the Broadcasters choose for them..

There is a limit to how far you can  cut overhead & fixed costs. If broadcasters continue to hold to the old model, they will cease to exist..

Look for Part Two

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