Back in the Day or The Things Broadcasters Have Forgot.

Back in the Day or The Things Broadcasters Have Forgot.

I grew up in Broadcasting, My dad produced children’s television in Canada, and I used to follow him around the TV studios, and on production.. I loved it and since then I have always knew what I wanted to do.. When I broke in , you didn’t go to graduate school to get into television.. You came up the hard way. I started by sweeping studio floors during the summers in Jr. High. While I was working in this studio, I found a simple concept that Broadcasters were using, and somehow have forgotten.

In Canada, the local TV stations had a mandate to produce “ Local Production, that was more than just the news. The one program that stands out in my mind is “ Tiny Talent Time” a one Hour weekly of local kids performing ala “America has Talent” but they were all winners..

The station figured out that if a Kid was on TV, then all the mom & dads, family, friends, and neighborhoods, would tune in to see little “Cindy” doing her jazz routine.

It also gave the local advertisers a great vehicle to sponsor to connect with the community. But for me, it seemed to make all the glamour and excitement of Television somehow accessible, and I wanted to be a part of it..

The simple concept is “ Give me a emotional or community connection to the content, and I will be there with my Eyeballs”

“ Broadcaster Today.. Push or Pull???”

To a great extent, broadcasters today view the dramatic loss of their audience to new Media, as a battle. It threatens their Monolithic Control of Content, and the accompanying Major capital Investments.

The New Media has bypassed the Push Model of traditional broadcasters, and have embraced the Pull Model and therefore have connected with a audience that will not be dictated to.

The Core Themes of New Media Pull Model are as follows

1. I want Control of the What(content), Where (location of viewing), When ( My Time, not yours) & How ( Device) of my viewing experience.

2. I want to create my own content, and share it with my Community.

3. I want to Decide what is important content.

4. I need connection & to communicate to my community & society, a community that is not necessarily based on geography.

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