The Tools of the Trade

I have believed for a long time, that we in the television production business have Techno-Lust.

We love gear, and when they come up with new tools and gadgets, it just gets our hearts a flutter. The problem is we get so reliant on gear, we miss the real tools of the trade. And they are tools you were born with..

Use Your Eyes
The need to create compelling images, is what we are in this business for.
Always look for the “Money Shot”..The visual that will communicate your message for you, or your client.

A great shooter can still create the most stunning images, even if the gear is not top notch. And in the same way a run of the mill shooter will create mundane images, even with the latest & greatest gear.

You can learn to see in a new way, but you have to be patient , and slow down.. Get away from the technical minutia of your camera, and look at your scene as a painter, and as a painter, your tools are Light & Shadow.

Use Your Ears
One of the biggest mistakes that directors and shooters make is that they are get absorbed with the Image, the Gear, the Time Constrains, and the forget to slow down and listen.. Listen to the talent, the client, and the overall message that needs creating.

You Are a Storyteller
Every piece that you create has to tell a Story.
People relate to stories,, It is part of Human nature, and you need to hone you storytelling skills in new and interesting ways.

I don’t mean to minimize the obvious need for Equipment, but just because you mortgaged the House to buy the latest and greatest gear doesn’t make you a Professional.

You stay in this business, by creating stories, with compelling Images, and use the tools you were born with, before using the gear to capture them.

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