Compelling VS Quality

In discussing the New Media impact on Broadcast, something occurred to me.

As a content producer for many years, we struggle to produce the highest quality content everyday. We all have understood that our future success in this business is based on the old moto ” You are only as good as your last project”

We knew that to keep paying the bills, we had better be able to produce High Visual Quality content on Time & on Budget.

But if we look at the drivers in New Media.. Authentic & compelling content is what the vast majority of viewers are demanding

Case in Point is the YouTube video of a wedding where the wedding party danced down the isle. No big event, I am sure that many wedding parties have done the same thing. Big Media would not have thought twice to cover it.

The difference was this time, every dancer was entirely into it. They threw themselves body and soul into the celebration, and that made it Compelling & Authentic.

Have a look at it and see for yourself.

In terms of impact, this video has been watched by over 11 million people.. Talk about eyeballs..

The broadcast industry would have rejected the airing of this clip due to “Not meeting acceptable broadcast standards” and they would be right to a point.. The camera work was sloppy. the audio was almost unusable..

But it was interesting enough that 11 Million took 5 minutes to watch this authentic celebration.

When looking to integrate New Media into a Broadcast envoirment, we need to get over our inbred prejudices of “Quality” and value more the Compelling & Authentic Content


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