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Is the 2k/4k World of Production Upon Us???

I have been watching the rollout of 2K/4K Camera, Stock Footage, and Post Production tools over the last 9 months. Is 2-4K going to follow in the footsteps of the much touted 3D Universe that was going to revolutionize production, only to find it’s way into very small niche markets for it’s Content, or is […]

How can Broadcasters succeed in the New Media Space

most Local stations are cutting costs in their Local News Productions. WRONG. For the Local Stations the News is the only Content that they own. And if ” Content is King” they are killing their only currency in this new space.

Back in the Day or The Things Broadcasters Have Forgot.

Back in the Day or The Things Broadcasters Have Forgot. I grew up in Broadcasting, My dad produced children’s television in Canada, and I used to follow him around the TV studios, and on production.. I loved it and since then I have always knew what I wanted to do.. When I broke in , […]

Traditional Broadcasters.. ” Is transitioning to Digital, Embracing New Media? “

Television Stations around the country have completed the much discussed “Digital Transition” , but having this forced on Broadcasters during our current fiscal crisis, has left broadcasters wondering how to monetize this capital investment.. They see the trends…They are losing eyeballs to ” New Media Space” , putting downward pressure on Ad rates.. and squeezing […]